Friday, June 1, 2007

Shocked and Horrified

I have just come to the horrible realization that I never watched the final episode of Heroes. How could I have forgotten? How can I forget to watch the finale of the ONLY show I care to TiVo these days?

I might have possibly remembered to watch it if Dave hadn't accidentally deleted it from the queue before either of us viewed it. I'm not sure how he managed to accomplish this, since our DVR has always recorded the newest items at the top of the list. Always. At any rate, I have only just now remembered that I need to download it from itunes. Incidentally, thanks to my children, the internet, and a virus, I also have to download itunes to my new laptop. And since I insisted on the smallest laptop so that I would have any hope of carrying it without sacrificing my one remaining intact joint, I also have to run a cable from the laptop to the TV.

Does this sound like more work than it's worth?

Another good quote

And right after viewing Josh's Dickies, we were rewarded with a perplexing bumper sticker which read, "Jesus: Tougher than Hell."

The failings of the Dress Code

The eldest daughter begins High School next year, at a private academy. She attended a few classes there this year, and they did not enforce what little dress code they had. Imagine our surprise at the information meeting today when they introduced a strict dress code in addition to a strict enforcement policy (we'll see how that goes once school is back in).

What they did not anticipate is how difficult it would be for the administrators to provide proper examples of the types of pants available to boys under the new policy. Our newest and currently most favorite quote today is now, "Josh, step in here and show everyone your Dickies!"

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Of course, luck was not with me

There may not be anything worse than walking into the house just as the housekeeper gets to the messiest room in the entire house (and that's really saying something this week!). As I opened the door, I noticed her frowning concertedly at the floor in my "office" area. Keep in mind, we've been completing all of the last minute projects for school, and every night has been a different event or performance this week. There are scraps of paper, junk mail, piano books, blank paper, invitations, CD's, laptop, the camera, etc. on the floor.

The poor woman just looked at me and said, "I don't know what to keep and what to throw away. This room is very hard to clean."

Funny, that's how I feel about my entire house!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A peculiar kind of madness

There is a peculiar kind of madness that women who employ cleaning ladies possess. It is now 10 pm (but in NYC, it's already May 31st, so I am NOT posting to my blog for the 4th time in one day. . .) and I have just realized that my cleaning lady will be here in the morning. I have two choices. I can leave the piles of crap all over the middle of the floor and come home to piles of crap on any convenient surface (presumably so that she can vacuum the carpet previously under the piles of crap), or I can stay up all night picking up and shifting around the disaster on every surface of my house so that she can get at any surface I have hired her to clean. Presumably there is a third option where I cancel her until 2 weeks from now, but I did that 2 weeks ago and the mold growing in the upstairs toilet is proof.

I find myself weighing all of my options here. I will be in Kindergarten all morning, so technically, I won't be here when she arrives. If she arrives on time and I take Rebi and Nate to lunch, I won't have to be embarrassed by the volume of clutter we have accumulated in the one month since she's been here. However, if she gets here late, I'm screwed. I will have to talk to her. So I'm back to staying up all night to pick up the crap my children drop in their wake. Oh, how I wish I had remembered this little fact before I decided to be nice and take them to the pool this afternoon.

I can stop anytime I want

OK, so I know it looks like I've found a new addiction, but since I have so many others, I will only post this one additional photo for now. Then, I'm taking a break. . . I swear!

Nate was soo very cute- while sleeping- I just couldn't pass up the photo op.

Rebi's good example

Jordan (our neighbor) hugging Rebi after Jordan's baptism.

So 20th Century

So, I am officially the only person I know who doesn't blog. Damn you Jenne, for giving into the peer pressure.

That's actually not quite true. I did a lot of blogging when my friend was diagnosed with terminal non-treatable cancer at 33 years old. Needless to say, those are not inspiring or even insightful to read, so I will not bother to include them. I also never shared them with anyone else, so I guess it only counts as a journal and not a blog.

I have a new hobby- which I pursue in my copious amounts of spare time. I am really enjoying photography. Unfortunately, I can't store my photos on my laptop, so I will have to make an effort to post some of the better ones.