Friday, June 29, 2007

While Traveling

We are enroute to Denver for a summer camp for the kids. From our house to Denver has been, so far, 16+ hours in the car. Yes, it is slow torture. And we're not there yet.

However, a funny thing happened on the way. . . We stopped in a little town in Colorado to use the bathroom. One child refused to go in and pee. "I don't have to go." "I understand you don't feel the need to pee, but we are not stopping again until Denver. Please go in and just try." "But I don't need to!" (inject some pouting and whining, and it will be just like you were there). "I get that you don't think you need to pee, but we are at least 2 hours from Denver still, and you need to just go try." "But I don't feeeeel like it!"

By this time, other children are coming out of the bathroom and congregating around Dave, where he is picking out an ice cream from the gas station cooler. Sensing an opportunity, I quickly say, "If you go in and pee, you can choose an ice cream that is $1.50 or less." That child exits the area, presumably to either attempt to void her bladder, or to at least spend a reasonable amount of time in the bathroom so that I will think she did.

Child number one- "If there's nothing I like, can I get something for $2.00?"
Child number two- "Can I get something for $1.50 or less that's not ice cream?"
Child number three- "Can I get two things that equal $1.50?"
Child number four- "Can I get something bigger if I pay the difference?"
Child number five-"If I go pee again, can I get another ice cream?"

After much consternation, everyone ended up with something in the pre-set price range.

The guy beside us suggested we put them all through law school, considering their mad negotiating skills!

Monday, June 25, 2007


When it takes every family member several hours to alphabetize and reshelf the books in the house, it is a sign that it's time to stop buying books.