Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mystery Solved

In our house, when something goes missing and doesn't turn up in the usual spots, the kids say it's in the "Lost and Gone Forever Hole".

Of course, we've always wondered where such a place exists, and today I found it. Should you lose something at my house, the "Lost and Gone Forever Hole" is in Ellie's bedroom. I knew I had hit paydirt when I found a brush, a book that had gone missing in the middle of me reading it, channel lock pliers, and all of the socks we thought had been eaten by the dryer.

Let me know if I can look for any of your stuff while I'm under her bed later today.

See me turning green

. . .with envy.

Laura is off for China on Sunday.
Lore is leaving for Europe this week.

What am I doing? Oh yeah, staying home.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tyler's New Suit

Tyler is getting baptized on Saturday.

Size 8 body with size 6 legs makes suit shopping a little tricky!

He's just so cute!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rebi uses her head

Not literally- no need to worry. There are no new injuries. . .

Rebi being 12, there is a lot of opportunity for her to babysit. She has several people who always call her first, and of course Dave is thrilled with the built in helper. However, I insist that we pay her. Sometimes, she chooses to not take the cash and go out to eat with one of us instead, or buy clothes, etc. So, we don't always hand her cash. In fact, if truth be told, Dave never actually pays her, nor does he keep a log. When I hire her, I keep track of what she is owed, or give her the $ when I get back. (It sounds more complicated than it is!)

Last night, Dave asked her to babysit while he took me on a date to the grocery store (try not to be jealous of my glamorous life!). Rebi asked him how long we would be gone. He told her and she requested the money up front. Yes, our business-savy girl is no longer babysitting "on credit" for her dad. She demanded payment up front! I can't stop laughing over it.

Hopefully he has enough cash for a real date soon. Considering the going rate around here, he may have to start saving his pennies!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Highlights from Jen's visit

Ty and Nate, camera hogs

Daniel, very unhappy in the car.

Rebi and Adara

Ellie, Evan, Mady

Adara and Eliza

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bare Escentuals

I have a new favorite make-up. I can't actually purchase make up right now, not after paying for several sets of xrays along with Dr and Specialist visits in the past few weeks, but I do love the Bare Escentuals.

It all started when I got lost in our local mall- laugh if you will be we have 2 seperate Macys stores and I am forever entering through one and exiting through to other. Not amusing, I promise. At any rate, I came down the escalator and there was a Bare Escentuals counter at the bottom. Several people have recommended the makeup to me and naturally, I've seen them on QVC, so I brought Jen back on Saturday and made her have a "make over" with me.

We both agree that the makeup is remarkably light and natural looking, but still provides reasonable coverage for acne and purple eye bags. Rebi also loves it, and although I can't bring my self to pay $25 for foundation for a 12-year old, It does allow her to hide acne without looking "made-up".

Now that Sephora carries it, I expect it's available nation wide, so go try it out!