Saturday, September 15, 2007

My children need counseling

I'm waiting for Ellie to finish eating so that I can take her to a fund raiser for band (6 am bowling- YAY!). I walked into the bathroom to splash water on my face and was greeted by this.

Yes, Ken is bound and gagged. I was pretty happy to find the dog's leash though. . .

Friday, September 14, 2007

I believe I will buy this. . .

iPod touch showing different screens
This is the new ipod touch.

A friend of ours has an iphone that he really likes- maybe a bit too much, but that is another story. I am in need of a new ipod, as my first generation behemoth keeps having issues and has to be reset (but the sad face it get amuses me every time!).

I just can't decide if:
1) I really have the disposable income to get it and
2) If I will even use the functionality it offers.

I mean really, will I download and watch videos?
Then again, it might prevent me from missing episodes of Heroes for weeks on end like last year. . .

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Priceless Picture of Rebi

So, Nate and Rebi were goofing off with the camera tonight. This was the best photo of all. . . It's made all the more amusing by the fact that Nate looked at it after he took it and said, "Rebi! You look like our cousin Jenne!"

Jen, your thoughts on this? :)


I don't post much about Ellie, and there are two reasons for this.
1) She is always gone to school and gymnastics.
2) When she is home, she's usually doing homework or freaking out over homework she still has to do. I know, a tough problem to have.

So, I just wanted to to tell everyone that Ellie is still alive and quite happy. She is at the Middle School, apparently oblivious to the aspects of it which made Rebi and Evan so grumpy. She continues to live in her own little world, mainly blissful- other than the homework. Oh yeah, and chores. She hates those with a mad and fiery passion. And, we usually get to hear about it in detail, at full volume.