Saturday, July 7, 2007

Heart Broken

This is our puppy with Tyler. We've had her since she was born here in March. We adore her as much as we adore our dog Kendall, who is one and was also born here last July. We were so excited to add this puppy to our family. Unfortunately, Kendall got too rough today and went after the puppy (Kendall weighs around 40 lbs and Cordie is only 6-ish pounds). The injuries were minor, and Cordie is fine, but if we hadn't been home, it could have been very bad. This is a picture of Tyler telling Cordie goodbye. We have no choice but to put her back up for adoption again. She's such a great dog. We are so sad.


Arlene said...

What kind of dog is she?

frizzlefry said...

she's a Chihuahua Doxy mix- and VERY cute