Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rebi uses her head

Not literally- no need to worry. There are no new injuries. . .

Rebi being 12, there is a lot of opportunity for her to babysit. She has several people who always call her first, and of course Dave is thrilled with the built in helper. However, I insist that we pay her. Sometimes, she chooses to not take the cash and go out to eat with one of us instead, or buy clothes, etc. So, we don't always hand her cash. In fact, if truth be told, Dave never actually pays her, nor does he keep a log. When I hire her, I keep track of what she is owed, or give her the $ when I get back. (It sounds more complicated than it is!)

Last night, Dave asked her to babysit while he took me on a date to the grocery store (try not to be jealous of my glamorous life!). Rebi asked him how long we would be gone. He told her and she requested the money up front. Yes, our business-savy girl is no longer babysitting "on credit" for her dad. She demanded payment up front! I can't stop laughing over it.

Hopefully he has enough cash for a real date soon. Considering the going rate around here, he may have to start saving his pennies!

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