Thursday, August 9, 2007

The beach!!

Nate gets his cast off on Friday, so we spent the day at the beach today. I'm just not worried about sand ruining a cast 2 days before it comes off.

There's just something about the beach. The kids go far out into the pounding surf and I can't hear them whining. They drag buckets and shovels down the beach and I can't hear them fighting. They eat every scrap of food we take, and I can't hear them complaining that there are "no good snacks in the house". Anyone sensing a theme here?

It's nearly free, I can sit still and talk to adults or read for most of the day, AND as a total added bonus, (but maybe the best perk of all), they go to bed very nearly willingly because they are so exhausted from boogie boarding all day.

The downside? The never ending piles of sand all over the car and house. Hmm. . . I still think it's an excellent trade!

1 comment:

Jen said...

You're making me miss it! It's tempting to hop back in the car and come back down.
I love the beach!