Thursday, December 20, 2007


Before:On a whim, while getting Evan and Rebi's hair neat around the edges, we convinced Ellie to get a haircut. She's been unhappy with her curse hair for quite some time, but didn't want it short. That is, until Rebi exerted her big sister "peer" pressure. And then the lady "trimming" it told her she had enough to donate to Locks for Love.

And here are the results:


katzbox said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And what a great thing to do!!! I used to work for an infusion center where chronically ill patients came to get their chemotherapy and other meds and the hair was a HUGE issue...this is GREAT!!!! way to go Ellie!!!!

Mom said...

Cute haircut and a great thing to do, Ellie. Way to go!!

Jen said...

LOVE it!