Saturday, December 1, 2007

Primary Chrismas Party

Who is this Santa? How many pillows did he need?

He made little girls scream.

And babies sob. . .

This kid really knows how to pose (and please note that he still has a black eye).

Taylor, Jessica, Rebi

Evan and his friends, Conner and Brittany

A lovely chance shot of Kelly and Eli.


katzbox said...

Great pics...and I adore that little Eli...I've held him several times...he is edible.

Mom said...

How can you be as photogenic as Evan? Not fair. He looks great accidently. I always look goofy, no matter how I try to pose - or be natural - or just ignore the camera. (Oh, I guess that is just my normal look.) ((: Of cours Nate is always adorable.

The Slusser Family said...

umm. . .did I see that you had this entry up within an HOUR of getting home from the party!? Crazy lady.
I will email you pictures of your family right now!