Monday, April 28, 2008

Hi Monday

One of my delightful and lovely children is currently in meltdown over a back pack.

She or He is packing for a 3-day trip on the ocean on a big sailing ship, but rather than being excited and cheerful, she or he is throwing a massive fit. Over a backpack. Because it's the wrong color.

I even invited she or he to purchase themselves a new backpack with their own money but for haven's sake to stop the freaking crying over a backpack. But, of course, I am not being sympathetic to the color dilemma. Because I am old and cannot possibly understand the importance of color in one's packing decisions.

I must look into extending that trip from 3 days to 7.


Mom said...

Hmmm. Just more of the joys of motherhood - and the delights of grandmotherhood. Its called PAYBACK!! It seems that I remember a similar tantrum when a daughter did not get the right logo on her sweatshirt when she was a teenager. (:

frizzlefry said...

I know. Marnie could be so hard to live with!

Mom said...

If only it had been just her. With three of you, I was quite outnumbered. So, you really do have my sympathy, with five to deal with.

katzbox said...

Wow...crying over a backpack seems pointless when there is all that spilled milk to be wept for.

heather said...

This very same scenario has played out in my house as well.
And I'm pretty sure I did this to my own parents too. The good news is that we tend to grow out of least I hope I did.