Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Math Problems

1) If you have one Nate who is excited for vacation, and add one Tyler who is hyper from a sugar high and place them on a closed playground in the mall, how many broken (OK, no x-rays yet, so potentially broken) bones will you deal with during vacation?

2) If you place 2 kids on a flight to JFK and the rest of the family on a flight to Boston, how many total extra miles will 6 people have traveled to go from San Diego to Orlando? Feel free to estimate and round.

3) If each child is allowed to bring one bag, how many bags will Mom be carrying while trying to make the connecting flight from Boston to Orlando?

More to come. . .


katzbox said...

Wow...my head is spinning...I can barely get myself thru various legs of flight/travel, much less be responsible for others...go Melissa go!!!

Mom said...

1)At least 1 per kid.
2)Way too many!
3)All of them, of course, plus your own.

I see you didn't manage to forget your laptop. So much for the vacation-unless you ignore work and just blog.

Did you all finally meet up? Ev and Reb sounded tired, but happy this morning in the Orlando airport. We had fun texting each other, then we talked for a few minutes.

Câmera Digital said...
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