Monday, April 7, 2008

More Orlando Photos

In each hotel room, there was a mural of Nick characters. We were in the Timmy Turner room.

Tyler got caught in a pretty strong riptide. He wasn't very happy once he finally started swimming sideways and made it to shore.

I had the telephoto lens, so the girls didn't have time to pose.

If you look closely, you can see the gun sticking up out of the police helicopter. We have no idea what they were doing, but the kids couldn't decide if it was cool or frightening.

A little GQ. Sorry, but I couldn't resist showing off how handsome this kid is getting! And look at those muscles!

The joy of it all- clearly not bothered by the arm at all. . .

Yes, there are 9 kids there. And 2 adults, not pictured. A little crazy at times, but fun! Their dads could not have pulled it off! They got a week of quiet instead. This was after we ate lunch. We only spilled 2 drinks, which might be a record.

Entertainment while waiting for our next flight at JFK.


scpcrath said...

What a great trip, how exciting! What is it like getting back to real life...oh wait, I think you've already posted about it. =)

Gaiiden said...

I'm pretty sure they had the rifle to shoot at sharks, though I thought the Coast Guard would be doing that not the police

Mom said...

Looks like the swimsuits were appropriate and the right sizes and everyone had a great time.