Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Disgrace

Let it be said, I am a HEAVY listener of Collective Soul.
Which is why I did not appreciate this hacked up version of the song.

Even if it's probably going to win the contest for him.

It was already slow. There was no reason to sing it like a bad Vegas lounge singer.

Just listen to a few minutes of the original. More depth. More interesting.

Excuse me, I have 86 Collective Soul songs calling to me. The David Cook version is certainly not one of them.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, when David announced he was singing Collective Soul I TOTALLY thought of you! Don't EVEN go on hatin' on my DAVID COOK. I have LOVED him since Day 1, when he was a total nerd. I LOVE me some David Cook. I am SOOOOOOOO happy he won. I can not STAND David A. He totally annoys more than anyone else on the planet (at least for today!) : )

After my crushing defeat of Blake Lewis last year : (, this is sweet revenge ; ) I LOVE American Idol. I can't wait for January!
Lisa : )

frizzlefry said...


I don't hate David Cook. . .I just don't like the way he sings Collective Soul! :)

I'm so glad he won though, because you are totally right that Blake got robbed and Archuletta drives me nuts with the way he gasps in the middle of songs. He is utterly annoying.

katzbox said...

Emmy and I agreed and that D. Cook's story is much more compelling as well; brought his bro to the tryouts without any intention of auditioning, having his other bro show up in the audience one week during treatment for brain was just a great story...and I was worried about D.Archeleta anyway...he is just too innocent or clean to get into the business that way...he would have been eaten alive...he'll do well in his market and I really hope that put Cook in some movies cause, DANG, I think he's just got something...but that's just me.