Thursday, May 8, 2008


Rebi: Mom, PLEASE don't blog about this. (and I won't blog about what she wished me not to blog about, exactly).

Evan: Mom, this book is too sad for Tyler to read. It's even making me feel sad. (the book is The Day of Tears and follows a slave through an auction and resettling in a new home)

Ellie: Wait, when you say hot fudge, do you just mean regular fudge, but heated up? (by regular fudge, she is indeed referring to the candy type, not the topping type).

Tyler: Aren't you supposed to be in the car with the woman when she drives off? (made extremely funny because it was made in the middle of an intense Adam and Eve discussion).

Nate: Well, that was not a part of my evil plan. (pause) Not that I have an evil plan, but if I did have an evil plan, THAT would not be part of it. (long long pause) Wait! I think I really DO have an evil plan.

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katzbox said...

You need a literary agent m'dear...truly...and your kids should get paid for being funny...PAID!!!!