Monday, June 18, 2007

A Dilemma

A mundane dilemma to be sure, but still concerning. Tyler is officially allergic to each and every sunscreen sold in Wal-Mart. Or maybe not, since maybe him reacting to several has just made his skin overly sensitive. The Pediatrician recommends that we apply no sunscreen or soaps or lotions of any kind for 10 days, while using anti-histamines to give him a chance to heal. This is lovely advice, but in the next 10 days, we are supposed to go to the pool at least 6 times, the water park once, and the beach twice. Which events shall I leave him home from? Or, shall I let him get a raging sunburn? Is that preferable? How about a rash-guard top, which he hates and refuses to wear. Who can blame him? Anything his head will fit through is huge in the shoulders, and twists when he swims. Thanks again for the giant craniums, Dad!

Tyler himself asked if he could just have the rash. Fine by me, except for the fact that parts of it are bleeding and he cries to have sunscreen applied, leaving us right back where we started. I can't possibly entertain 5 kids in the shade/indoors for 10 days!

Update: Today, we noticed the rash on his thighs, a spot he never uses sunscreen since his swim trunks are always over that area. Now, we have a mystery, a dilemma, and a miserable child.

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Dave said...

Aww, poor kid.

And how would we fit all those brains in small melons?