Thursday, June 21, 2007

Insights from a Relative

I found this on the blog of one of Dave's cousins. It was so very amusing, and so appropriate to my kids, that I had to repost it for more people to enjoy:

R digs a new sprinkler pipe trench in the yard to re-lay the back line. It has now all been laid and tested and ready to fill the trench in with dirt.

Which brings me to this morning and the discovery of my oldest's character. I haul him out in the back yard this morning before it gets too hot and hand him a shovel. All he has to do is push the dirt setting on the edge back into the hole it came out of. I even gave him the good shovel. He starts at the north end and I start on the south end. I am busy shoveling dirt back in and he is making very little progress. Very. little.progress. Lots of complaints that the shovel is heavy and if he puts dirt on it it just makes it heavier. And he keeps hitting grass. And it's just hard. (big whine factor on his part, little patience factor on my part). That's when it occurred to me my child will never murder someone. It would be way to much work for him to dig a shallow grave AND have to fill it back up with dirt. Of course I have never really considered him capable of foul play. But it is both a little comforting and disheartening to know he simply lacks the work ethic needed.


Jen said...

I am absolutely hysterical at this.

Christina said...

I'm so very honored to be quoted!