Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More on Nate

Yes, I know I am constantly telling amusing stories about Nate lately, but the kid really is killing me. Yesterday, I tried to get Nate to take a shower. Unreasonable to expect a 6-year old to clean his smelly self on a regular basis, I know. So, he dutifully pouted all the way into the bathroom, repeatedly glancing at me to see if I would remove the punishment of water touching his skin, and I went back to whatever I was doing. 10-15 minutes later, Nate walks past me, wrapped in a towel. I said to him, "Hey! Did you get all showered so fast?" He grinned and nodded, drawing my attention to his completely dry head. I said, "Nate, why is your hair all dry?" At this point, I'm pretty sure I never heard the blow dryer, and a shower and a blow dryer would just be adding insult to injury. He looks at me with his big blue eyes and quite innocently says, "Oh! My hair just dried fast."

Right. I sent him back to the bathroom to really shower and not just stand around naked for the appropriate amount of time.

Then, today I was trying to get him to finish a very simple chore before going out to play. I asked him if it was done and he said yes. I looked at him quite skeptically and he put his palms up and said, "Trust me, mom!" (I then made him finish the chore before he left the house!)

Extra personality. That's it.

P.S. And this morning, when I went to get him out of bed for school, he sleepily said, "I didn't get up because I couldn't hear you calling me." I told him I hadn't been calling him, that I just came in to tell him to get up. His reply? "Well mom, I think I still can not hear you."


Jen said...

Just wait until he's 14. You'll have to medicate.

frizzlefry said...

Myself. . .he'll be fine but I will need heavy doses of sanity pills.

Mom said...

Kind of reminds me when my girls were in school. For three girls to take turns in the bathroom each morning to get ready and get to school on time, we had a pretty early schedule. One morning, I called Marsha at 6:15am to get her up for school and asked, "What are you doing, sleeping in?" To which she sleepily replied, "Mom, it's pretty bad when 6:15 is sleeping in!"

frizzlefry said...

See mom? It's stories like this that make your comments an important part of my blog! I honestly don't remember any issues with the bathrooms- although I know they must have occurred. It makes me glad I only have 2 girls at least!