Friday, August 24, 2007

Quote of the Day

Nate is in 1st Grade. He's been in school 5 days and has already gotten at least 7 warnings. This does not surprise us. In fact, I'm impressed that I haven't been called in for a parent teacher conference yet.

Today, I went to pick Nate up after school, and it was clear that his teacher felt like she needed to tell me something. After some small talk, she said to me, "He sure came with a little extra personality, didn't he?"

What a nice way to say he's giving her a run for her money, eh? I just hope she's up to the task!


Mom said...

Do those symbols mean swear words? Did the teacher use swear words about my grandson? I may just have to come out there and clean her plow!!!

frizzlefry said...

Weird, the font got messed up. She was certainly not using swearwords about him! I think she really likes him, but he is keeping her on her toes!

Mom said...

I see you fixed the font. Really sounds much better, but sure did remove a good reason to come see him again... and the beach.