Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I don't post much about Ellie, and there are two reasons for this.
1) She is always gone to school and gymnastics.
2) When she is home, she's usually doing homework or freaking out over homework she still has to do. I know, a tough problem to have.

So, I just wanted to to tell everyone that Ellie is still alive and quite happy. She is at the Middle School, apparently oblivious to the aspects of it which made Rebi and Evan so grumpy. She continues to live in her own little world, mainly blissful- other than the homework. Oh yeah, and chores. She hates those with a mad and fiery passion. And, we usually get to hear about it in detail, at full volume.


katzbox said...

Ellie sounds wonderful. Where is she in the birth order?....just wondering....what a good momma you are!!!

Dave said...

She's the middle child, in every sense of the word.