Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Stalked by Hobos

Just now, as we were getting out of the car, Nate said, "Mom, you're being stalked by invisible hobos!"

And really, that makes a lot of sense to me. Clearly, something or someone is following behind me making messes while I clean. And if I were invisible, I just might dent a bumper to try and get some attention. Naturally, an army of invisible hobos could give me that sense of overwhelming dread I've been experiencing lately. Frankly, I like the hobos! Think of all the things I can blame on them.

In all seriousness (and I say that tongue-in-cheek since Nate is involved), my son doesn't have an invisible friend. Rather, he has spent all day talking to Bob the Invisible Hobo and Bob's family (mom, brother, I don't know who else).


katzbox said...

Well, I love Nate...invisible hobos indeed...that is so fun..and funny. I must have invisible hobos as well...that would account for the unorganized messes (as opposed the organized messes) I find periodically on my end tables, in my car, on my desk...the IHs...that's it...IH....Thank you Nate...that explains so very very much....

frizzlefry said...

I have half of the world blaming things on invisible hobos now. I'm thinking it might be time for "Invisible Hobos. . .WORLD TOUR!"