Friday, October 26, 2007

Curse the stretchy fabric!

It's 2 am. It feels like 4. Evan and his friend are hosting a Halloween party tomorrow at -of course- my house. That is not really the bad part. The bad part is that I now have to have Rebi's costume ready for tomorrow night. Oh yeah. Did I mention that I have to sew a little something for Ellie too? We went shopping for Halloween costumes last week and after the 5th or 6th store, it became apparent that the only chance I had to buy a costume to fit her was:
1) decrease the amount of muscle she has built in her chest and shoulders thanks to gymnastics
2) allow her to look like a tramp in a skimpy little skirt

The kids costumes fit her fine all over except don't fit her shoulders, and the adult costumes are gross. So, we wandered off to the patterns, found the pattern and the fabric and I have not even looked at either since.

None of this is the worst part. The very worst part is that I am just dumb enough to skip steps while sewing. I don't skip the important steps, just the non-essentials such as pinning things together. Mostly, I get away with it and the flaws that result from the incredibly inaccurate sewing are not so noticeable as to be embarrassing. Naturally, for this venture, we chose very stretchy fabric for Rebi. It just twists and rolls and pulls and if it looks anything like a fairy (a goth fairy) dress when we're done, it will be a miracle. . .

I'm going to bed now. I have at least 3 hours more of sewing and 3 hours of cooking and cleaning to be anywhere near ready for all of the company tomorrow night. Evan told me today that he thinks there are 20 kids attending. Why do I keep saying yes to the insanity?

(And in case the sarcasm doesn't make it through the typing, I know that ironing and pinning are both super important steps in sewing, I just hate them both so I skip them a lot. Like I said, just dumb enough.)


Christina said...

That's why I don't sew anything that resembles clothing.

We are having a halloween party too. 8 adults and 11 kids. 6 of which are under 3. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Cari O said...

You could always let Dave run the party and come down to my house.
The air is clearing up and the sky actually looks blue. You would just have to stay away from Thomas who has the stomach flu!!!
(what a pathetic rhyme)