Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sally Ride Science Festival

USD, University of San Diego
The girls and I spent yesterday in downtown San Diego, on the beautiful (and very steep) USD campus for the annual Sally Ride Science Festival.
I wasn't really sure what we were going to get out of it, but I hoped for something to spark some interest in the girls. Rebi has had an especially hard time finding anything to dive into as far as continued learning goes.

Imagine my surprise at how excited she was after her computer game programming class. I mean, there is a certain programmer who lives in the house. How is it possible that she never knew how quickly one can program simple games? It makes one wonder.

At any rate, if you have girls and there is a Sally Ride Science festival coming to your area, I highly recommend it. We learned about molecular biology, earthquakes and geology, how to find the density of chocolate, computer programming, a little oceanography, heard from a veterinarian and made 2 different types of rockets. It was great. The girls are already begging for next year.

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How do you find out about this stuff?