Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tagged #1- Milli Vanilli and Primus (aka weird musical taste)

This will come as no surprise to Lore, who drove around Logan listening to this album with me in highschool, but I was and am a closet Milli Vanilli fan. What a travesty that they were all a fraud and no longer made such quality music:

And if you venture to the "Girl You Know it's True" video, check out those wicked awesome shoulder pads. I mean, it was a fashion that just would not die. And yes, I wore shoulder pads and leggings and fluffy hair. Yes I did.

No Rebi, there are no existing pictures. I have burned them all. For your sake, I have burned them so that Dad can't show them to your first date, thereby ensuring he will never date you again. . .

I also am a HUGE fan of Primus:

I have seen them live several times- a total blast even in the pouring sleet of Oct 1996- and was also able to Les Claypool perform with a different band at an Intel party a couple of years ago. He is totally amazing on the guitar.


Jen said...

Um, I think I have some of those pics with the shoulder pads, hair, etc. Lucky for you, I am in those pics as well (looking HIDEOUS) so your secret is safe w/me.

Dave Astle said...

Jen, send me the photos. I'm very good with Photoshop, so there will be no hint of you when I'm done.