Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Nate: (from the shower) Mom! I need the boy shampoo! (this is the shampoo which smells like boy and not like flowers)

Me: Are you planning on running into any girls tomorrow that you'll be trying to impress?

Nate: No. (10 second of silence as he put "girl" shampoo on his hand)
Nate: (looking up at me earnestly) Well, maybe.


KA said...

Boy shampoo. I never thought of that. (I have 2 sisters and a bald husband.) I guess when it stops being acceptable for my son to smell like a baby, I will need to research said boy product.

Jen said...

Oh yes. Boys and girls have definite opinions as to how products smell. Of course, once they find a smell they like-forget about it. They will roll in it. They will slather it all over themselves and anyone near them.

But the baby smell? We love the baby smell.

John Hattan said...

Maggie likes the fruit-scented V05 stuff.

According to her, "I like this stuff. It makes my hair smell like gummy bears."