Friday, February 8, 2008


Please excuse my language. And so much for feeling powerful.

I just got an email informing me that our
10,000 ping pong balls cannot be included in bag inserts for our conference and I will have to hand them out on the floor at the expo. This is bad for several reasons.
  1. We have no booth
  2. I have to find another company willing to store our ping pong balls
  3. I have to hope same company will let us hand out ping pongs at their booth
  4. I have to stand on the conference floor for 3 days, or until the balls are gone
  5. I have to go shoe shopping
I think the shoe shopping is actually the worst part of it. And the standing. And the months of planning falling apart at the last second. I'm now taking bets on how many ping pong balls come home in my suitcase. Place your bets now. Winner gets- you guessed it- ping pong balls with our logo on them!


katzbox said... have the most unique problem I've ever read about...10,000 ping pong ball...where to store them, how to stuff them and then how to distribute're like, a superhero or something...

Christina said...

Sounds like some one needs to plan a ping pong ball drop. The lucky conference goer who finds #1,234 gets a special promotional brochure.