Monday, February 4, 2008


For the record, the frog song is getting stale really fast. I didn't know it was going to stream every time my blog launched. And I didn't know how many times my kids will check the blog for comments each day. I might have to change that so it's just a link.

That is not really the topic of this post. As you can tell from the title, I am having a little trouble sleeping tonight. It happens fairly often. I don't love it, mainly because I know how wicked tomorrow is going to be. However, I don't hate it because it is so easy to focus on tasks and get them done while all of the kids are sleeping.

Tonight, as is uncommon for most nights, I was feeling a little melancholy when I finally gave up on sleeping and came downstairs. I logged into the computer to stalk a few blogs (which, I have to admit feels a little bit like peeping. I was able to reconstruct nearly an entire year of some guy's life based on the photos he had stored in Flicker and linked to on his blog. It was too creepy and I felt evil for doing it. I don't even know which of my friends knows him for real). I answered an email or two and one of my friends answered back fairly quickly.

We exchanged a few email and then decided to talk over the phone. For two hours, I was entertained and did my dishes, some laundry, a little picking up. I didn't feel creepy at all! At 2:50, I even feel tired, which I assumed was still hours off. If you ask me, this is just one of those sweet blessings which occur when you pray to Heavenly Father to make up the difference.

And thank you to my friend who reads this blog and gave up at least two hours of sleep to lift my spirits.

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Dave said...

I'm reading this, not even realizing that you'd just posted it. Glad you could get to sleep. I feel like I'm about to hit the wall, and it's only 1:30pm here. Damn jetlag!