Saturday, March 22, 2008


I took a break from all of the accounting/ taxes crap (and I do mean that in the pour gas on myself and light a match sense of the word) to get lunch for the kids. We got in the car and the kids proceeded to tell me all sorts of facts about chemical added skim milk and mislabeled beef and how corn, since it's introduction to the American farmer and the US government's plot to subsidize it, has led to an increase in obesity. And let's not leave out the evilness of preservatives and how to tell if food is fresh or not. And what havoc said preservatives wreak on the body.

When I got a word in edgewise and asked them where they wanted to eat, they chose. . .
(do I hear a drum roll?)


Clearly they are worried about their nutrition.

And with that, let me return to my regularly scheduled headache that I thought I was finished with for this year. . .but no.


Mom said...

Bit of a disconnect, eh? There is lots of truth in what they said, but they have yet to make the connection between the unhealthy the things they were talking about and all the junk in fast food, huh? Bet they didn't order a salad - well, maybe Ty did. Of course, I am not sure salad is all that safe either, what with e-choli, etc.

John Hattan said...

Shelly occasionally worries about Maggie's love of all things TV Dinner (esp fishsticks) and canned mandarin oranges.

My reply is always the same. Growth-stunting malnutrition is the LEAST of my worries with that kid.

We checked my baby book. She's a half-inch taller than I was at the same age.

Dave said...

Wow, they were actually paying attention to me...