Saturday, April 19, 2008


Because I am a little bit of a hippie (and I will reaffirm that when I begin to post about worm composting), I have always wanted to travel with the kids to far off places. More than that, I want the kids to provide service for others and to be able to be a part of a society completely unlike their own. So I can remind them always of how great they have it.

The main problem has been that most of the organizations that do this type of thing don't want herds of little kids hanging around. And, it's a little on the pricey side.

So, this past year, we have really been trying to curb our spending and save our money so that when the kids reach 14, at least one parent can take a child on a volunteer trip. And the kids are also saving their money to go. And other than Nate, who has the uncanny ability to get out of any and all work, they are all hard workers as well. When motivated. Usually by candy.

At any rate, with Rebi now 13, I started looking around for volunteer opportunities. And what did I find? An organization that will accept kids as young as 8. Which means that August or September of 2009, we are going on a humanitarian aid trip somewhere in the world. Whether they want to or not. Anyone want to join us?


melanie grant said...

I am not sure how far you want to go and though the norm for us is 18 years or older, we love having children provided they come with their parents. Have a look at our organisation at, and our online web album. We are based in South Africa and I am not sure if its a little far but we would love to have you.


frizzlefry said...

Thanks Melanie! I will add this to the list of potential places! I looked at your blog and it looks like you guys are doing amazing things there.

Naomi said...

Sweet!! I have always wanted to do some kind of humanitarian work in Africa. Talk about gaining appreciation for things here. However, with young kids and your large brood, I'm thinking that Costa Rica would be awesome! You could hit the rain forest and white sand beaches when you are done.

Either way, it will be the experience of a lifetime!!

Becs said...

Man, that's fantastic! A lot of my friends have done volunteer trips (and mission trips) but I've always had to work... one day! One day the debt will be gone and I'll be able to go out and do something worthwhile :D

Btw I found your blog via tortillas, but I really like your writing!