Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cub Camp Summary

  • 112 degrees
  • 1 boy removed by ambulance for dehydration
  • 1 powerful fire hose with plenty of pressure
  • 1 dead field now a big mud puddle
  • 12 boys whose ears had clearly swollen shut from the heat and were incapable of hearing a word I said.
  • 3rd degree burns from 212 degree black porta potty seats. Men have no idea how easy they have it.
  • 100,000 ants crawling on my back.
  • 1 ant in my eye
One more year before we do it again. By then, I will totally be up for it again. And I get to take Nate and Ty. Nate with a BB gun. It scares me.

1 comment:

Kathi D said...

It scares me, too. Not the BB gun, but the rest of it.

Glad you survived another year! And thanks for the belly laughs.