Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Health Benefits of Jam

After constant stirring of 14 batches of jam, I do believe I have increased the muscle mass of both arms. After standing for 9+ hours cooking jam, I can feel the stretch in my hamstrings. And, the beauty of it all is that I fell asleep easily and slept soundly.

The joints didn't flex so well this morning, and even after my double dose of steroids, I still can't move so far off of my couch, but I'm going to be eating jam for months. Nothing but jam for my 3 month of pantry items. . .

Amusingly, I slept so deeply last night, I had several vivid dreams. Most nights, I toss and turn and don't dream at all, so the sleep was nice. The dreams, not so much. I dreamed Nate broke an arm. Must be about time again, eh? He got a green cast and it wasn't waterproof and I had to hear all about it the entire summer. Nightmare!

In the second dream, I was parachuting for the first time with no help. My two buddies had jumped out before me. And the parachute was all messed up. Rather than being frightened, I had an incredible feeling of floating in mid air. Of course, one of my buddies watched me plummet past him and started yelling and I realized I was in big trouble with the parachute. Which is really typical of my life. I think I'm doing just fine until someone points out I have a problem or two. Or ten. But who's counting?

It was just before I hit the Earth with a splat that I woke up and realized I am indeed sore all over. Still, the floating in air leaves me with an amazingly peaceful feeling. Or maybe that's from 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep all at once.


Jen said...

I thought of you as I mopped my floor tonight...I remember you hand-mopped your kitchen floor. Knowing you also can your own jam confirms that you are way more ambitious than I will ever be.

frizzlefry said...

I had to laugh out loud. I did used to hand mop my floor. Now, I don't mop at all. If Dave didn't mop, we would all stick down. If I did mop, I would be in bed for days afterwards. . .darn this arthritis for getting me out of all of the crappy chores! ;)

frizzlefry said...

And please, feel free to change the word "ambitious" to "insane" because I am paying for the canning. Oh yes, I am paying. . .

Anonymous said...

Awesome. You go girl ; )


Anonymous said...

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