Monday, August 13, 2007

A list of things I dislike

Brussel Sprouts
Drivers who cannot manage a 4-way stop correctly
Loud cell phone talkers
Random inappropriate content in otherwise lovely movies

Shoe shopping for 5 kids.

It's actually number one on the hatred list at the moment. If I had to choose between shoe shopping with a child or eating Brussel Sprouts tomorrow, I would choose those foul stinky somewhat slimy things in a heartbeat.

So far this year, we have gone to 6 (or more) different stores and spent more hours than I care to keep track of. Every year it's the same old story. One pair is too small, the 1/2 size up is too big, the color they want is out of stock, the pair they like are $60+ (and I'm not spending that much on rapidly growing feet), the style they like has too high of a heel, or not enough cushion and structure for constant PE use. I think they place bets on which child can make me cry first.

As of today though, 3 of them have tennis shoes, and there are only 2 left to shop for. Of course, then we start over with the casual and dress shoes.


John Hattan said...

Thus comes the wonder of having (1) the optimum number of children and (2) the only granddaughter on both sides of the family.

Every time my mom goes shopping and finds cute girl-shoes, she buys 'em for Maggie. We just got a box in the mail yesterday with some pink back-to-school sneakers, and Maggie can't wait to wear 'em.

frizzlefry said...

Show off! And yes, I am jealous. Although, I did find nice shoes for Nate for $13.00 today, so that lessens the sting a bit.

katzbox said...

"foul stinky somewhat slimy things"...I think I've actually used that phrase to describe my kids at some point in their development....BOO, moo

Lorelei said...

Ah yes, shoe shpping. I know it well. Lands overstocks gets you cute ones cheap an they have a sizer you can print out. Just sit back and wait for the mail to come. Good luck!

frizzlefry said...

excuse me while I quickly begin searching for shoes on Land's End. It sounds like a little slice of Heaven!

And Katz, I agree, my kids were foul, stinky, and somewhat slimy after surfacing from the ocean today. Maybe I should avoid them like I avoid brussel sprouts!!

KELLY said...

Brussel sprouts are ON my list of favorite things. Not really, but I liked them the way my mom cooked them! Not long ago we went to Steve & Barry's (Westfield Mall, Carlsbad) They carry some basketball shoes that my kids love designed by Stephon Marbury who plays for the NY Knicks. They cost 14.98 and they have some pretty cool styles including a skater style. And if the DeSchepper boyz will wear them... what can I say...

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