Sunday, August 12, 2007

Perseid meteor shower

We tried to go watch the meteors tonight. I have fond but faint memories of a warm summer night full of shooting stars when I was little. Silly me to think the kids might also enjoy this. After 15 minutes, Evan was using the high pitched voice he gets when he's out of control (can anyone explain that to me? It's like a piercing whistle driving straight through my brain) and at the 30 minute mark, Nate managed to throw dirt in Dave's eyes. We did see several bright shooting stars, but not nearly as many- or as quietly- as I would have liked.

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KELLY said...

I thought I was crazy late Sunday night when we were driving home from Arizona when I kept seeing what I thought were falling stars. Thank you for letting me think for a moment I might not be as crazy as I think I am.