Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A list of things I love

Friends who tell me about great shoe discounts
Ocean air (but not necessarily the water, although that is another post entirely!)
Clean sheets (Dave, just in case you're reading this, that was a hint)
Entertaining textbooks that my kids love

Which magically brings me to the "Life of Fred" math series.

So, at some point, someone realized that math can be fun. I know it sounds crazy, but it's absolutely true. This author decided to write a series of stories which have math integrated into them. At the end of each chapter of the story, he gives math problems for the kids (or parents, as the case may be) to solve on their own.

To give you an idea of how great it is, yesterday (less than a week before they are forced to go back to school), when I told Tyler to grab a book for a car trip, he chose "The Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra." And, he was quite engaged and happy, until the car sickness kicked in from reading.

I'm also quite pleased to note that Beginning Algebra is all review for me so far. :)


Christina said...

I need to know more about this Fred. How basic does it get? Good for a first grader? Challenging for a 4th grader?

frizzlefry said...

So far, Ty and Nate (1st and 4th) both love it. The math is too hard for Nate (1st) to actually do the programs, but the kid can discuss negative numbers, and he doesn't flood my house because he's busy reading about Fred. . .

Ty is actually doing the Algebra. For the younger set, there are a couple of books targeted to the elementary level. Fractions and. . . OK, here's the link:

They really are fun!

frizzlefry said...

Oh yeah, the 10-12 year olds are enjoying it too, so plenty challenging enough, and not terribly pricey.

Christina said...

your link doesn't work. Can you email it to me?