Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Anybody looking for a puppy?

So, psycho woman at gymnastics starts talking to me today. I don't know her, but I heard her on the phone and she said something about round worms and getting a dog medicine. I made some comment about our dogs and she and I started chatting- ok, she talked a lot and I got more and more horrified.

So, she starts telling me about this litter of yorkie-chows that she "rescued" (and why didn't I ask how she knew who mom and dad were? WHY?) and how she had managed to get 3 of the 4 adopted out but the last one was 6 months old and really needed a home. She started talking about how she didn't have room, her house was being foreclosed on, etc. I gave her the option of contacting the rescue we work with to see about getting the dog listed for adoption. At this point she said to me, "they're a rescue so they don't pay for dogs, right?" I was starting to get the feeling I was in trouble at that point.

She then proceeds to show me pictures of dogs that she is trying to sell, tells me how she has to charge a certain amount for each dog, and how she won't lose money on these dogs. She then shows me a photo of a 1-year old sheltie that she is sure is pregnant and that's OK with her. (WAY too young to breed). She also tells me how animal control is at her house -as we are speaking at gymnastics, I assume- but she told the kids not to answer the door and tomorrow morning when they come back the dogs will be magically "disappeared" to her girlfriend's kennel. Prepare yourself for the next line: "And she has like 300 dogs, so why do they care about my 20, anyway?" Yes, she just admitted to having somewhere around 20 dogs on her property, with animal control sniffing at the door, and her house fully in foreclosure proceedings. In addition, she also admitted to not having a license because she can't afford to pay over $1000 to be legal with her puppy mill.

The killer? As if that isn't bad enough, she also commented that she was thinking about taking her 5th grade daughter out of school so that she could help more with the dogs, since she's not a big enough organization to have any employees.

Some people should not be allowed to have kids, let alone dogs.


Christina said...

*picking my chin up off the floor* Oh my goodness. I'd say turn her in, but it sounds like they already know all about her. I hope they catch her.

frizzlefry said...

I turned her in anyway! ;)
AND, I told the rescue lady and SHE carries some serious clout with AC so she's on the phone too.

KELLY said...

I am so sick! I think you just saved some animals' lives!