Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Excuse me for a moment

It has been a rip roaring crazy week around here, complete with dog rescue and various friends having nervous breakdowns on the phone, and all sorts of service opportunities for me. I'm always happy to do service because it gives me a very needed opportunity to forget all of the little nuisances in my life (ok, totally off topic, but I think my cat is actually snoring. I've never really heard a cat snore before!) and feel useful to someone- anyone really- who are not my children.

However, a few of these things have been VERY delicate (and please know that by "delicate" I mean I really want to tell you everything, but that would be totally unfair to the others involved) and I have found myself flying blind, praying to say the right thing in the right tone with the right desires behind it.

So imagine my surprise when a letter arrived for me today and it was from one of my best friends. In it she outlined just a few reasons why we are friends and a few of the things I have done for her. It totally made my day.

To her I say, "Thank you for re-energizing me and making me feel special."

(By the way, you forgot that I give your kids hand me downs. I'm just not sure how grateful for me you really are. Or maybe you hate the piles of clothing. . .?) ;) ;)

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