Sunday, September 23, 2007

Library Books

Let me start by saying, I love the library. However, I do not love that I never turn books back on time. Even when I think I have them all, there is always a stray. For a long time, I just didn't bother going to the library because we always paid so much in fines. There's a pretty good chance that we financed a wing of the new library with all of the late, lost and ruined books.

So, when we started our home school adventure, I decided that the library would be our friend. We went to the library 2 weeks ago and paid our fines, I put a reminder in outlook to return my books, but I forgot to put in the number of books we needed to return. I made a rule that all library books go on the half-wall, and thought we might have once, just once that we didn't incur fines.

I know, you can all see it coming, can't you?

So, as soon as that reminder popped up, I looked at the half wall and there were 9 books. My heart gave a little thrill that I could be successful in getting books returned (of all the things to find joy in. . .). I took them off to the library, and dropped them in the slot, but didn't check more out due to time issues.

Today, I got an email that 4 books are still overdue! 4!! How is it even possible that we checked out 13 books and I had no idea??!? So, I believe I will start in the lost and gone forever hole. If I don't post for a few days, you know where to look for me.


Mom said...

The Provo library has started printing a list of the books you check out with the due date. I really like that. I keep it in the book bag, so I know what I need to find to return. (I also put a list on my bathroom mirror. Only way to find the list after a few days. And I don't even have kids in the house!!)

KA said...

This demonstrates amazing commitment. I haven't checked a book out from the library (that Jen didn't just get for me and waive whatever late fee) in, like, 20 years. Not even kidding.

Christina said...

My library sends me an e-mail notice a day or two before they are due listing all the books I have checked out. Maybe you should suggest it to your library.