Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Much to my surprise, all of my children (sans Nate who is not old enough to know yet) are in need of braces. I could go into all of the details of what is wrong with their mouths, and some of you would nod along sagely totaling the astronomical charges as you read. Rather, I'll just say the total dollar amount I need in order to finance beautiful- and healthy- smiles.

You might want to sit down. I keep pinching myself in an attempt to wake up.

Yes, it hurts. The good news is that Rebi is $5000 of that, so by selling her I can pay for the remaining kids and reduce the total bill to $12-15,000.


Mom said...


katzbox said...

So, that's the going price for a Rebi?...good strategy.

frizzlefry said...

Just think of all the money I will save! :)

Who knew these guys could be so pricey?

Christina said...

Straight pretty teeth are highly overrated. Or so I hear. Apparently they are overpriced too.

We are in the pre-orthodontic stage with one. Pulled teeth and spacers in an attempt to lessen the blow when it comes to it. Think it will work?

The Slusser Family said...

A study shows that 85% of job interviewers take no more than seven seconds to assess the suitability of their candidates.

Two thirds of the polled consultants rated a great smile as the most immediate requirement for success, more important than smart dress or groomed hair.

The importance of a smile

Smiling is a powerful cue that transmits:
· Happiness
· Friendliness
· Warmth
· Liking
· Affiliation

People who smile frequently and spontaneously, are perceived as more likable, agreeable, confident and approachable.

“Our smile contains important clues. Combined with eye contact, it reveals truths about us, even those we want to conceal, before a word is said. In even the most simple interaction, our attention naturally gravitates to the face, seeking to read some of the vital information we know is ‘written’ there. We constantly monitor the face because it provides vital insights into our personality,” says BriteSmile dentistry consultant, Dr Ross.

Mom said...

Hmm... Is the dentist trying to promote the enormous costs of dental and orthodontal care? I know we need to take care of our teeth and a great smile is important, but does it really have to cost so much? I had a routine dental checkup a few weeks ago. $76 was my share. That does not include what insurance paid!!!