Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yet another amazing quote

Being 12 and in high school, Rebi is fully into the music scene. Certainly, music these days is full of more land mines than it was 20 years ago (although I recently downloaded some of my music at her request and was a bit appalled to hear what I was actually listening to in high school. . .). Because I don't know the bands very well and so much adult subject matter is addressed, I have gotten in the habit of checking the lyrics on everything before I download it for her.

She asked about a specific band tonight- one I'm more familiar with, and I started browsing songs. The clips on itunes were fairly upbeat, and the lyrics are somewhat muffled, so I wasn't too worried. Of course, just before I hit download, there was a little prompting to check the lyrics anyway. After reading through several songs, I thought I was going to vomit. These cheerful, up-tempo songs were full of suicide, death wishes, violence, revenge. Seriously Emo. OK, I knew they were Emo, but I'm ashamed to admit I had no idea how bad it is. I really can't imagine how fully a disturbing message can get ingrained when someone listens to it over and over and over cuz it has a good beat!

For Example:
Let's play this game called
“when you catch fire”.
I wouldn't piss
to put you out.
Stop burning bridges
and drive off of them.
So I can forget about you

So uplifting, I can hardly stand it.

After sharing a few of the less violent messages (isn't it scary that the quote I posted qualified as less violent?) with Rebi, I told her she needed to find another band to download.

In typical Rebi fashion she said, "It's like. . . it's like the dark side has candy!"


Star Girl said...

You know it's true. The darkside always has candy.

Mom said...

That's how the darkside hooks us and drags us in. By using "candy". I do not envy anyone raising kids today. Hang in there and stay close to her and the rest of the herd. They are great kids. With your guidance, they will make it through the pitfalls of this rapidly deteriorating world.

Jen said...

I just had a similar experience with Matt. He asked me to download a song. It was the "radio mix" so it was fine. However, while I was listening to it he said, "Really, I just want the whole album".
Of course I sampled the rest of the album and could not find one redeeming quality. Just a really creepy, low voice screaming at the of his lungs.
My response to Matt? "Um, I don't think so."

katzbox said...

"the darkside has candy"....that is one of the best ever...