Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Forget the Turkey. It's all about the PIE!!!

Let the pie baking begin. On the schedule for this year:
1 Cherry
2 Apple
4 Pumpkin (we'll see Rebi, we'll see)
2 Banana Cream
1 Chocolate Cream

I believe that is 10, just like in years past. Break out the Mountain Dew, I'm going in!
Here are some tips for perfect pie crust:


Naomi said...

How very ambitious! I am making my apple pies, but I'm stopping there--unless I can't help but make a pecan one . . .

One of our fav's is banana cream. Would love your recipe!

KELLY said...

You are CrAzY, girl! I am cooking everything except the pies. My niece is bringing them. WooHoo! Have a great Thanksgiving.

Naomi said...

I told our family about the pie for breakfast tradition. They said that they couldn't wait that long and had a piece as soon as the door closed!

They went crazy for it! Thanks for starting a new tradition!! :) Make sure that recipe gets put on your site!

Happy Turkey Day!

frizzlefry said...

If you ask me, the pies are the easy part!