Monday, November 19, 2007

I should be in bed

It's late and I'm a little melancholy. It's times like these when the wieght of motherhood weighs heavily. Especially for these kids, the ones who are always a little off kilter. They don't have a natural niche, an easy friendship. They must prove themselves over and over again, or adapt themselves to be someone they are not. Pretend to be dumb, pretend to not care about the things that give them passion, make them weird.

Kids they think they are safe with see a slice of the real child and turn on them, citing their weirdness, pointing out that they are a step behind or ahead of everyone else's drummer. How do you parent that? How do you wipe the tears when you know they face a lifetime of being odd, different, off kilter? How do you give them a thick enough skin to ignore all of the crap and dance their dance and just not worry what other tunes are playing? After spending a life of trying yourself to to fit in and never finding purchase, how do you teach them it's OK to be unique?

I'll probably erase this after I get some sleep.


KELLY said...

Tell me who those other kidz are and I'll meet them in a dark alley. Better yet, tell me who their parents are and I'll meet THEM in a dark alley. Your children are wonderful, amazing kidz. They are always so nice and have smiles on their faces. You are a wonderful mother who is a great example to the rest of us as to what a loving, caring, mom should be. You are your children's biggest advocate and I admire you for all you do. Get some sleep and come sit in the cuzzi any time!

Naomi said...

So, do I need to be having a conversation with one of my kids? I'm so sad that someone didn't have as much fun as I did last night!

You are a great Mom--and a great friend! I really enjoy spending time with you. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help . . . It is so hard when we see our kids hurting and want to keep them from it.

frizzlefry said...

No- not your kids and not last night, just typical of my kids that something reminds them of something they must share, at midnight.

In addition to that, Rebi had an English assignment that set me off. Like I said, tired.