Saturday, November 24, 2007

A lesson learned

Never leave your bike on the driveway behind the van, but especially not on Black Friday.


Naomi said...

Man, that thing got munched!! Glad that no one was on it.

But the important question--did you get that all-important Black Friday deal??

Roberta said...

That site looks very familiar! Let me know when you find a way to teach kids to put stuff away...or at least out of the way. My biggest pet peeve is the shoes right outside of the garage door so that you roll your ankle several times a day.

katzbox said...

I think it's the angle of the camera...the obtuse lean of the shadow that gives it a creepy Hitchcock feel to it...but beside the creep factor, this is one of the funniest photo and captions I've read in a long long totally made my morning...totally...I am THAT sick.