Monday, November 5, 2007

'Tis the Season

. . .for Christmas shopping. While I quite enjoy noticing something that someone would like and giving it as a gift, I do not care for Christmas shopping for my kids.

First of all, there's all of the pressure. Every year needs the perfect gift for each kid. I didn't set this expectation. I guess society did, but in spite of my best efforts I cannot shake the feeling that Christmas should be special and magical.

Of course it should.

Which was really easy when they all loved the same things and a $5 Barbie under the tree was the most magical experience ever. It was even still OK when Legos were their favorite toy and we then spent 6 months cursing them when finding them with a bare foot. Christmas has been great at any point in the past 10 years when I have been able to get rid of loads of crap in the months leading up to this delightful magical day. But this year, I just don't have it in me.

I am just having real issues with what to get the kids for Christmas. We have toys and clothes and shoes coming out of our ears. There is enough paper in this house to warm a large family for years, should they choose to burn it. We do not need live animals, electronics, video games, or stuffed animals. We have all of those in abundance.

I can't spend enough money to take a great trip or even a not-so-great one for that matter. Last year, I was so evil, I wrapped a bunch of giftcards for them, except I put "To Mom, Love Rebi" and on down the line so that the cards were all mine to dole out as I wanted.

So, suggestions needed. What do you give the kids who want everything which is expensive, need nothing of value and store junk?


KELLY said...

We do a one-on-one Christmas interview so I am not shopping aimlessly. My kids also draw names to give gifts to one another. It just seems that noone really ever needs anything. And I don't want more junk around the house. I found this shoebox idea although it isn't LDS related. Here is the link:
My sister-in-law does a neat thing with her kids and I'll have to call her to get the right info but it is something like 1 want, 1 need, 1 good book & something else, I think. I'll let you know.

Mom said...

Christmas, again? Agghh!! I want to go back to when I was a kid and there was no money for gifts. We played a table game on Christmas Eve (the family gift from our parents), enjoyed the lights of the Christmas tree, waited for the town Santa to bring bags of candy and a basket of food, including a turkey,(Did I mention we were poor?). Christmas Day we spent ice skating on the creek and eating turkey. No pressure to find the perfect gift without breaking the budget, no expectations. Can I please go back to that, please, please??

Star Girl said...

So you're getting me a great present for Christmas right Grom??

Naomi said...

I'm kind of agreeing with your Mom on this one. We already sat the kids down and told them that it was going to be a REALLY simple, lean Christmas. We were going to think of things to do for others. We were going to do more homemade and "from the heart" gifts. We aren't doing anything for extended family. And I can't believe how excited I am for this season. Usually I get really overwhelmed and the season just seems like more of a pain than anything. It really takes off a lot of pressure to just say "We aren't playing this year!"

We'll see how I am feeling in a month or so. : )

Charlotte said...

4 kelly

Something they want
Ssometing the need
Someting to play with
Something to read

Mom said...

Don't hold your breath, star girl. Is there something you didn't understand about my comments? NO gifts, NO pressure for the perfect gift, NO expectations? I have no idea what a great gift for you would be, anyway.

frizzlefry said...

We held a family meeting last night and voted on a spending limit per kid. I was very clear and they all agree.
Surely this will work.