Monday, December 31, 2007

Bring on the Mariachis!

Happy New Year's Eve!
I will be assembling way too many appetizers for my small clan, but we will all get a bite of what we want, so I'm OK with that.

Nothing says New Year's Eve like a good Mariachi festival. Or something. Escondido is full of them today, so party on.


KA said...

I'm surprised I'm the first one to tell you this, but your clan is not small.

katzbox said...

My last experience with a live mariachi band was in my local WalMart on the fifth of May...scary...but festive!!!! Have fun and have a great 2008!!!

frizzlefry said...

Nor are they quiet, sadly.

kEllY said...

My last mariachi experience was at the grand opening of Tacos Tijuana which we didn't know was the grand opening but went in anyway and ordered food that cost way too much money and wasn't what we ordered but ate it anyway because the workers couldn't hear me tell them it was wrong because the band was too loud in a little space and we had to stay because we couldn't make it to the door to leave because the 6 or 7 piece mariachi band was in the way. That was our first, and last visit to tacos tijuana! Finally, the end!