Saturday, January 5, 2008

HELP! Missing Dog!!

I can hardly believe this is happening. We have a new set of puppies, just 2 weeks old. We have had them for a week, and they are sweet. Mommy is a small white dog with tiny brown markings. She is a silky furred maltese mix, or shih tzu, or something. She is scared of everything and hides in her crate with her puppies.

So tonight, I forced her out to pee around 10pm. A few minutes later I went to let her back in and she was nowhere to be found. We searched the yard, drove around, called animal control, searched the house, drove around some more, and no dog. We have no idea how she got out, and it is pouring rain. I can only hope that some kind stranger took her in and made a bed for her.

I need to find her fast. I have nothing to feed these babies. So, I am making yet another midnight run to Wal Mart, hoping against hope that there is puppy formula on their shelves. Pray someone calls her into animal control tomorrow so that we can get her back to her puppies.

Update: Just as I was reconciling myself to never seeing mommy again, and just as I was putting on my favorite shoes to go to my favorite store, I heard a light scratch at the door. Currently, the puppies are happily chowing down. I would just love to know where she was and how she made it back.


katzbox said...

Um...are those puppies still available? you know how big they're going to be? you have any females? you know when they'll be ready?...I could surprise my husband with one...heh really, I'm interested if they're not taken...thx

frizzlefry said...

There are 5 pups from this litter. 3 girls and 2 boys. They will be available for adoption in 6 weeks or so. I will add a few pics once their eyes are open. :)

Mom said...

Oh, wow! Glad the mom found her way back. If I were in the market for a dog - I am not! - they sound like they will be really cute. Does the mother shed?

frizzlefry said...

Not only does the mom not shed, but she is the perfect dog for you. Are you sure you don't need a companion??

Mom said...

I'm sure I don't need a dog companion.