Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An excerpt about work

Because I work from home, 99.9% of my friends have no idea that I have a job. They think I am just:
A) diametrically opposed to housework or
B) not strict enough with my kids or
C) a total slob
And really, it's a little of all of those combined with not enough hours in the day.

For work, I sell online advertising to companies like Intel, Adobe, MTV, Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, LucasArts, etc. I mostly like it, although it would be nice if that was the only thing my job required. However, this post is not about how over worked and underpaid I am. I will save that for another day.

When running ads for large companies, such as Intel and Adobe, I often deal with "middle men", known as media buyers. After nearly 5 years of dealing with them, it is pretty clear that there is one quality required to become a media buyer, and that is stupidity. Honestly. In 4+ years, there has been one buyer who always knows what she needs, when she needs it, and how to get that from us. ONE. Let's just say I am totally confident that if our homeschooling efforts are a disaster, my children are employable in the Media Buyers marketplace.

So, currently I am engaged in negotiations for a $20,000 contract. We would love to get that, but in reality, we will probably see $2-3,ooo from them and the time I have put into this will make me want to gnash my teeth. I just wanted to share some highlights of this particular experience.

Email from Monday: Hi Melissa- Our client wants to spend $20,000 in one month in February. We need all quotes tomorrow.

Email from Tuesday: I can't accept this quote. It has to be on our special form (which was not attached, even to this email)

Email from Tuesday evening: Can you please get this form back to me? (still not attached even though I asked for it twice)

Email from Wednesday: I don't understand the numbers you have on this form. Can I call you?

This is funny because I entered numbers in the way SHE asked for them on the form. I didn't make up my own form. I finally got their little piece of paper and filled it out exactly how they wanted it. I even asked Rebi to look at it and tell me if it was confusing, and no. She was able to figure it out with no prior knowledge of the campaign.

So, now I am mired on a phone call which will not end and she is repeating the same things back to me. She can probably hear me typing in the back ground even. "mmm hmmm. yep. That is correct. mm hmm. yes, that's what it says in column 3. Yes, right there under cost to your client. yes. exactly how the form is set up. by you. yep."

It's looking more and more like one of those days. Do you think she will notice if I start cleaning my kitchen?!

P.S. She has just asked me to redo the entire quote to represent a U.S. only campaign. Let the gnashing of teeth begin.


katzbox said...

I don't think she'll notice if you start cleaning your kitchen...I don't think she'll notice if you start cleaning HER kitchen...

frizzlefry said...

I guess the point was moot anyway since I hate cleaning the kitchen!!

The Slusser Family said...

Does anyone want to clean my kitchen?

The Slusser Family said...
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