Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nate's first full story

More than 3 sentences! YAY!

The zoo

By Nate

Hi. mi name is Dave .it is mi ferst time at the zoo. I git to see the liins and tigrs and bares .oh mi ! ther are lots of play sets by the sitze. I like the one by the monkes . it’s abowt tarzan . I see a flimingo on one leg. It‘s toll penk and fethry . I thenk the zoo is osam .

I know it's silly of me to be so excited, but writing is a HUGE challenge for him. Even with all of the spelling mistakes, we have a beginning, middle, and end. And hukd on fonikz werkd for him. . .


Mom said...

Hey, Nate, I love your story!

katzbox said...

A future diarist?...fiction writer?...hmmmmmmm Good Job Nate!!!!!