Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just in Case

A conversation while packing for our trip:

Mom: Ellie, grab your ID and drop it in your backpack, just in case you need it.
Ellie: What will I need it for?
Mom: Probably nothing, but grab it just in case
Ellie: Will I need it to get on the plane?
Mom: Well, no. But, lots of places ask for ID, so pack it just in case.
Ellie: Will I need it to get off the plane?
Mom: No, Sweetie. Can you please just put it in your bag?
Ellie: Well, are there other places we're going where I might need it?
Mom: OK, I have answered the same question several times now. Again, I do not think you will need it, but you might, so please get it in your bag and stop asking me why.

Ellie wanders off to get her ID, I sigh in relief.
An hour later, at the gas station near our house:

Ellie: Mom! I don't know where I put my ID
Mom: That's OK sweetie, you really won't need it.
Ellie: But if I won't need it, why did you make me pack it?
Mom: (proud of myself for not reaching across the seat and strangling her) Ellie, do you know what "Just in Case" means?
Ellie: Who's Justin Case and what does he have to do with my ID?


katzbox said... I've told Em...they're "Celestial Pop Quizzes"...given to us by a loving Heavenly Father to make sure we don't kill passed...

The Slusser Family said...

hahah. . .that's a great story, Melissa.
Mom (katxbox), I love your insight.