Saturday, December 8, 2007

Say What?

I just got into a fight with a door to door salesman. You know the type- very slick, has a memorized spiel that would put any used car salesman to shame, and cannot be deterred.

Normally, I do not answer the door to these types, as I would rather ignore them than be outright rude. And usually, outright rude is the only thing that gets them off the doorstep. Tonight was no exception.

Being blessed with 5 kids and a candy stand, I am blessed with 5 children who run to answer the door. So, I am also blessed to talk to all and sundry, even those I would choose not to of my own free will.

He did his little song and dance, and then when I asked him what he was selling, he pulled out the magazines. I wasted no time in telling him no thank you, but of course 3 kids were out on the front step, so there was no way I could shut the door in his face. He tried again. I told him no again. I felt like I was polite.

Next thing I know, he was up in my face, saying, "Why you gotta do me like that?"
Say what? By saying no to magazines, I am waging a personal war against him? I am personally hoping and in fact encouraging him to fail?

But of course, he didn't stop there. "I'm just trying to feed my kids," he said. I agreed that was a worthy goal (and you all know I would have loaded him down with food and clothes if he had said he was in need) , but if he can't take no for an answer, he should consider changing careers. Then, he got ugly. And tried to guilt trip me some more. I don't really enjoy that. In fact, I hate being guilt tripped. So I replied,

"Don't think for one second that you get to knock on my door, try to sell me things I don't want and don't need, then try and give me a guilt trip to get your way. I didn't invite you here and it is my right to refuse your products, without this kind of manipulation. I'm not buying your magazines, and I'm not putting up with your attitude. You can remove yourself from my property right now. " He stood there, ready to let expletives fly. Before he could take a full breath, I said, "Move it. NOW."

Once he started walking, and all of my kids were back inside, I started to shut the door. As it swung closed, I heard him yell, "Thanks for not helping!"

He's welcome. He's so very welcome.


Christina said...

Oh. I hate the magazine sales. They try and be so cute. I'd put up a no solicitors sign if I thought they knew what it meant. And I have kids that open the door for just anyone too.

Roberta said...

You go , girl!

katzbox said...
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katzbox said...

Arrrgggghhh...I hit the delete button...rats...I just commented on how your response rocked...good for you...that guy was supah crazy...

Jen said...

I HATE the door to door guys. There is a guy who sells frozen meat around here who stops by my house all to frequently. Does he not remember that I have told him "no" about 500 times already? They are relentless.
Also, with all of the animals revolving in and out of your house, I would think that by now you should have come in contact with a large attack dog that could take up residence with you. I'm just saying it could be handy.

frizzlefry said...

Anyone wanna take bets that I get the super-concentrated-cleaner-you-can-eat salesman around here before Christmas?