Saturday, February 16, 2008

Brief Notes

1) I am on page 119 of Brothers Karamazov. At this rate, I will finish it sometime in 2025.
2) I have to clean my room today.
3) I have to go shopping for shirts and shoes in order to be presentable for my work conference next week
4) I still have no real plan for distributing 10,000 ping pong balls
5) Evan and Tyler are delighting (with great volume) in making slide shows on the computer- all out of stock images, just flipping them sideways and upside down. It never fails to amaze me that such simple things will entertain them for hours.

Which is worse? The cleaning or the shopping? I can't decide.


scpcrath said...

I would definately have to say that the cleaning is worse. That is what is on my agenda for today so I can be ready for the Primary board party tonight.

Naomi said...

Oh, for sure the cleaning! I know how you love shopping though.

The Slusser Family said...

That all depends. . .are you going to Walmart to shop? :)

The Slusser Family said...

I have the baby shower at my house in Wednesday night. . .so, I will be cleaning like an idiot tomorrow. Wish me luck!

frizzlefry said...

I do wish you luck. I am SO bad about cleaning. The shopping actually went surprisingly well. For a change. . .

Have a fun party!