Thursday, February 14, 2008

A few more thoughts

I can't resist posting this article:

17 billion dollars?!?!?!

To be fair, I'm not sure yesterday's post fully represents my feelings for V-Day. I don't hate the idea of showing someone you love them. Ellie made cookies for her family today and it was sweet. Rebi is making and sending cards to all of her friends, also very sweet. . .and heartfelt.

I think it was the shopping cart of crap in Wal Mart yesterday and the lady pushing it whining to her daughter about all of the money she was spending on Valentine's. Clearly, that did not sit right with me. And I do still think it's a dumb holiday. If you love someone, like Cathie, you look for reasons to show love anyway, so why do we need a made up holiday? Retailers make a fortune, but do the rest of us really benefit? OK, I'm done, I swear!

On a different note, I was standing in the kitchen next to Evan last night, and noticed that he has fine black hairs on his upper lip. YIKES! No need to worry about his dreams of world domination. It's just puberty. I am in for a long couple of years.

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Mom said...

I have mixed feelings. I am with you on the commercialism. It is totally out of control for ALL holidays, but isn't that pretty much the basis of our economy anymore?

Doing little things like making cookies for the family is great. And I have loved sending the grandkids homemade valentines. Just didn't get it together this year.

I agree we should do things every day to show our love, not just on one commercial holiday.